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Essential Drupal Modules

You’ve just installed Drupal – Now what? Drupal can be overwhelming, even for a seasoned web developer or designer, but it’s an extremely useful and powerful system when used correctly. We have another post planned for setting up and optimizing… Read More

Brian Shram – The Negotiator – Lyrical Music Video

This was a fun and crazy project – Fun because I always love an excuse to use After Effects, but crazy because of the timeline and ‘assets’ available to me. I was given 1 day (more like 4 hours) to… Read More

Pete Maina

Projects completed/ongoing: Social Media Management http://www.petemaina.com – Website redesign

Quick Fix for Unruly Facebook Link Sharing

You took all the necessary steps to make sure you had the proper OpenGraph and meta data served on all your sites pages – but Facebook still decides to give you the finger on your link descriptions… What do you… Read More


Projects completed/ongoing: Social Media Management http://www.aimfishing.com – Website redesign  

Specializing in the Outdoor Industry

Web Design & Development

We make websites that are functional, modern and easy to use! We can keep up with the content or we can train you to do it yourself!

Graphic Design

Need a logo, mailer, catalog or other media created? No problem! Print or web - we do it all and can even have it printed for you!

App Development

Who doesn't have an app these days? If it's you - let us make one for you! Just about every business can benefit from an app of some kind, so give us your idea and we'll make it work!

Social Media Management

Stop worrying about your social media presence and let us handle it! Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube... if it's 'social' we will get you out there. We can run the show or let you take the wheel... Either way, you'll be a social media star in no time!
We Know Your Industry! What makes us different from all the others? We KNOW the outdoors! We all enjoy the outdoors and know what your customers want and how to reach them because we ARE your customer! We have years of experience in the outdoor industry and know exactly how to hit your target audience. Don't waste your time and money with other companies that promise to reach 'X' amount of people - We'll hit the RIGHT people who are interested in what you have to say!
Still not convinced that we are the right company for you? Contact us for a free consultation! Send us an email and we will let you know how we can help!
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