Brian Shram – The Negotiator – Lyrical Music Video

This was a fun and crazy project – Fun because I always love an excuse to use After Effects, but crazy because of the timeline and ‘assets’ available to me. I was given 1 day (more like 4 hours) to make a lyrical music video and all I had was the lyrics and music… No images, no other videos… Just words. This wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be, but I don’t use After Effects everyday, so it was a bit of a time killer having to ‘re-learn’ how things worked.

The set up was very basic – I took each sentence from the song and made them into text layers, set up a simple gradient background that stayed aligned with the camera view and finally I created a particle system to give the video some ‘depth’.

The real magic is done with an awesome plug-in provided by Video Co-Pilot called Sure Target 2. This plug-in is amazing for camera work in After Effects and cuts my rig set up in half… probably even more since I neglect my After Effects usage. I could tell you how to use it, but the video tutorial provided by VCP is top notch, so watch it instead. You’ll quickly see how easy this project was once I found this plug in.

Enough chatter – Here’s the video:

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