Worpress 3.8 “Parker”

WordPress is taunting it’s latest update as it’s “most powerful yet” and we have to agree. It not only looks nicer, it’s much easier to use on mobile devices and has a much more refined backend experience.

The first thing we noticed was the cleaner and more functional mobile capabilities of the backend. This post is actually being written from a phone – before this update, posting from the sites backend was a less than pleasurable venture. Updating from a mobile device now feels like it’s a feature and not an afterthought.

The new admin color schemes are also a welcomed addition. Having multiple Wordpess sites open at once can get confusing, so having new color options also helps with keeping sites straight at a quick glance.

If you’re been holding out on updating to 3.8, go ahead and complete the upgrade. We’ve updated all of our sites to 3.8 and had not a single problem. We even have a few sites that are fairly custom and complex and no issues sprung up as of yet.

Check out WordPress’s Blog for more information on this latest update.

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